When guns are restored, I attempt to make them look exactly the way they did when they were first manufactured.   I draw on my experience with  similar makes and models, and my extensive library of firearms.  All my work is, to some extent, restoration, but the difference is that in a true restoration the time and expense are often much greater than a "reblue" or "reparkerizing"
Custom work involves refinishing a gun to the customer's wishes.  Following is an example of custom work, rather than restoration.
The gun is a Winchester 73 that was modified and changed sometime in the past so that the original finish and configuration had been completely altered..  The barrel had been shot out, so it was no good as either a collector's item or a shooter. It was pretty much a junker. The present owner wanted a shooter, but one that reflected the past history of  a Winchester 73.  I color case hardened the receiver and related parts,  had an insert put in the barrel,  checked and test shot the result.  It's really accurate!  High polished blued the barrel and mag tube, replaced some broken or worn interior parts, and the present owner did the wood.  He ended up with a unique gun, a shooter, and a beautiful piece.  It didn't cost thousands to do, and he has something that makes everyone .envious at the range.
If you have an idea or question regarding custom work on your gun, please email or call me.

Here's another example of custom work.  A S&W 10 circa 1916.  Originally blued, then nickel plated about 1939.  Family gun, owner wanted it deplated, reblued and the hammmer and trigger 23K gold plated.
As received by me
After denickeling
Same gun, high polish blued and gold plated.
After first polish at 120 grit.
Here's two examples of customer ideas translated into reality.  First, 1911 slide stop, he wanted the tip nitre blued.  Second, customer wanted rear of slide checkered and extractor nitre blued. 
This here is a Winchester 97 circa 1930.  Owner wanted the compensator removed, barrel cut to 20" and new front sight installed, receiver color case hardened, stock refinished and pistol grip checkered.  Stock cut and recoil pad installed.  Metal refinished and hot blued.  Total cost was just under $900 and six months.   Backyard photo, iguana not included.
Here's a cool one! S&W 36, owner wanted the hammer, trigger, cylinder and trigger bright nickel plated and the rest of the gun matte hot blued. 
The contrast is beautiful.It was a good idea, wish I'd thought of it.