Firearm Refinishing
Specialty Firearm Blueing, Parkerizing, TR Gun Kote, Recoil Pad Installation

                                       NITRE BLUEING

This is the process used to turn parts a gorgeous fire blue color.  I'ts a deep lustrous blue that you see on small parts of old guns. Screws, extractors and sometimes triggers.  First generation Colt SAAs had nitre blued screws.  It was used from the 1850's to the 1930s by factories who then dropped it in favor of less labor intensive processes.  The same technique,(same price), is used at a lower temperature to produce the straw yellow color on old Luger and Mauser parts.  Parts are highly polished then suspended in hot liquid potassium nitrate (saltpeter) until the correct color is obtained.

                            Nitre blue small parts     $22.00 each
                            Nitre blue screws              $9.00 each   ( Two or more $7.00 each) 

                                                     GOLD PLATING

Genuine 24k gold, plated onto your trigger or small part.  Gold is a soft metal, so don't expect it to wear  like iron, but there's nothing like real gold.  I can also "wipe" gold into engraving.  A common example is a Browning trigger guard.  Cost runs about $28-40 depending on what you want done.

                            Gold plate small part or trigger    $35.00
                            Gold plate hammer                       $44.00    


Remington 1917 Bayonet nitre blued. 
Here's a Remington 870 trigger assy with a gold plated trigger, safety and trigger plate pins.  Cost was $38 for the trigger and safety and $24 for the two pins.