Hot caustic blueing is the standard  blue black finish used on virtually all modern guns.  I use DuLite salts with a minimum of twenty minutes in the tank for a deep durable finish.  Guns are completely dis-assembled.  I chemically strip off the old finish rather than polish it off.  Its an extra step, but I feel the chemical strip is easier on the gun and helps preserve the sharp edges and lettering.  Most polishing is done with 8" muslin and hard felt wheels.  Final finish is by hand.  I offer three degrees of finish:

MATTE  Guns are polished to 240 grit then blasted with a very fine glass bead.  Matte is a non reflective finish popular for law enforcement and "working" guns.  It also covers a certain amount of imperfections and pitting.  For rough guns, its the best choice.  An added benefit is that the matte finish retains oil (like a jeweled bolt).

               Handguns                                $225.000
               Rifles                                        $255.00
               Most Shotguns                        $280.00

   FACTORY FINISH  This approximates the original finish on most guns.  Guns are polished to 400 grit.
               Handguns                                $245.00
               Rifles                                        $280.00
               Most Shotguns                        $295.00

   HIGH  POLISH FINISH  I get lots of compliments  on my high polish.  It only works on guns that are in pretty good shape.  The high polish seems to make the color more blue than other finishes and it is as close as I can get to the old Colts and S&W.  In fact, if you keep oil on my high polish  finish for seventy five years or so, it will probably look as good as an old Colt or S&W .  I polish to Brownell's 555 white, then hand polish.
               Handguns                                  $275.00
               Rifles                                          $315.00
               Most Shotguns                          $345.00

  GUNS PREPARED BY YOU Stripped, polished and ready to blue.  Oil or coat with Hold before you ship.  I'll remove the coating,  clean and hot blue
               Handguns                                 $65.00
               Rifles                                         $90.00
               Most Shotguns                         $110..00

Firearm Refinishing
Specialty Blueing, Parkerizing, TR Gun Kote
George Roghaar, Boca Raton, Florida
Here's a high polish finish on a S&W.  I'm a better smith than a photographer, so the bbl actually looks better than the picture.