Gun Kote Oven

 Gun Kote is the best polymer finish that I have found, and I've tried a lot of them... It can be applied to all metals and some plastic.  It withstands 1,000 hours of 5% salt spray and temperatures exceeding 800 degrees.  It resists all acids and alkaline cleaners.  It is impact and scratch resistant.   Gun Kote is a lot harder than Teflon or "spray can" finishes. 
 It has taken me a few years to get it right, but by refining my techniques and using the GK  formula, I have a finish I'm proud of.  Guns I coat do not chip or peel and will not rust. 
The flat coatings show scuff marks easier that the semi gloss, but either finish will be durable and long lasting. 
 My first efforts were before I found out about Phosphatizing for a base coat, and I had two guns come back to be redone.  Since I've been Phosphatizing first,  my return rate has been zero, which I like. 

I strip the gun, blast, PHOSPHATIZE, then coat with .0008 to .0015 covering of  Gun Kote.  Then I bake it in my "EZ Bake" oven.

 Colors include semi gloss black, flat black, green, white, flat gray, a custom early Colt  AR 15 gray, and two new colors Gun Metal Blue which looks like the old Smith & Wesson carbona blue and Bill Wilson Semi Gloss  Gray.  I can also color match mismatched uppers and lowers.

This is a very tough and hard finish.  It's popular with extreme use guns and in hostile environments such as salt water.  

                          HANDGUNS                              $225.00

                          RIFLES                                       $260.00

                          MOST SHOTGUNS                   $295.00

                           AR 15                                         $310.00

      Gun Coat on a Beretta 92.  Semi Gloss Black          Slide on a Bill Wilson Semi Gloss Gray frame.               Here you can see a pretty close rendition of the two colors.   Gun Coat is not a heavy coat, and lettering and markings will show nicely.      
Here's a couple of before and after shots of restoration work on an abused 1911 finished with Gun Kote................
AR 15    OD Green & Semi Gloss Black
Below is a RI 1911 done with a semi gloss dark green frame and slide, everything else semi gloss black.  The green is actually a little greener than the picture. 
Here's a SIG 229 slide which was done in black at the factory.  I coated it with Boron Brushed Stainless  gun kote to give the gun a really nice two tone look.  
Here's a Para Ord P16 with a Boron Brushed Stainless frame, hot blued slide (matte rounds, high
polished flats.  
For 2nd color, please add $20.00

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This is a Rock Island1911A1 and knife which the owner wanted in Marine Corps dress blues.  I mixed a custom metallic color and had the accent pieces TiN coated.