There are three basic ways to ship firearms to and from me.  USPS (Post Office), (FedEx)Federal Express, and United Parcel Service (UPS).   The following information is from their web pages and from my practical experience.

USPS Firearms, including handguns, can be shipped through the US Mail.  Packages cannot be marked in any way to identify the contents.  Mailers must comply with all Federal, State and local laws.  Handguns can be mailed from a FFL holder to another FFL  holder.  This is the best way to ship handguns if you have an FFL or can ship through an FFL holder.  Priority mail ( 2-3 day) runs around $12.00.  Rifles and shotguns can be shipped to me USPS by anyone.  Costs around $16-20 Priority mail insured (2-3 day).  If I'm not doing stock work, you might want to remove the wood to cut down on the weight.

FEDEX  Rifles, shotguns and handguns are all the same to FedEx.  If EITHER the shipper or recipient  has an FFL (as the recipient I do), or is a licensed collector (C&R license), you can ship FedEx Priority Overnight.  Costs about the same as UPS next day air and is a lot more convenient.  Many FedEx employees are not aware of these terms and will give you an argument.  FedEx's website,, is a good source for real information.  Again, remove the wood and reduce weight.  The outside of the package cannot be marked or identified as a firearm, but you must notify the clerk that the package contains a firearm.

UPS You can't ship through a UPS outlet, you must go to a UPS customer counter.  Rifles and shotguns can be shipped ground.  Handguns must be shipped next day air or next day air saver.  Packages must have an adult signature label and the contents must be declared on the UPS waybill.

Any shipment must comply with all existing laws and regulations.  Do not, of course, ship a loaded firearm,duh, or live ammo with the firearm.  Any firearm classified as an antique may be shipped without restriction.

    Federal law permits you to ship any firearm you own to me for refinishing.






PAYMENT INFORMATION: I can bill you through Visa or MasterCard when the work is done.. 

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Rifles and shotguns can be mailed from a gun owner to me (an FFL holder). 
through the US Post Office for repair or refinishing.  Priority Mail is the best.