Firearm Refinishing
Specialty Firearm Blueing, Parkerizing, TR Gun Kote
George Roghaar, Boca Raton, Florida

Guns with peeling or flaking nickel can be deplated or replated.  I can renickle guns, or I can  blue them after they have been deplated.  I deplate with a mild, slow method and guarantee not to pit or hurt your gun.  

    Deplate handguns                      $80.00 
     Deplate rifles                              $120.00
      Nickel Plate handgun            $255.00
     Deplate with renickel               $285.00

    Nickel plating can be bright high polished, or matte
    The price is the same for either one

                          STRIP TEFLON OR MOLY COATING

I have finally found a solution that will strip Teflon or Moly coatings that were incorrectly applied.  Guns that are stripped can  then be phosphatized and coated with TR  Gun Kote (go to the TR Gun Kote Page for coating prices).

                             Strip handguns                           $55.00
                             Strip rifles                                    $60.00   
Guns should be repaired before refinishing.   Its' also a good time to replace any springs that may be old or weak.  I stock Wolff springs-the quality and prices are great.

                                 STOCK WORK
If your stock needs refinishing, I charge $30 per hour, with an average cost of $110-$240.

                                 RECOIL PADS - INSTALLED RIGHT  
Pads I install will have the correct toe and heel angle to follow the lines of your stock, and  will be ground to fit your stock exactly.  I take my time, seal the end of your stock, drill new holes for the pads, and do my best to make this a job you ( and I) will be proud of.  I stock Pachmeyer recoil pads for trap, skeet and  general  use.  If you have the pad, no problem, take off $30.00 and send the pad along with your stock.
Turnaround time on recoil pads is about ten days.   Costs $130.00 including most  pads. 
Here's a Colt Python done in bright nickel.  The owner wanted the front and rear sights  in high polish blue, and the contrast is nice.